Call for Abstract

International Conference on Agriculture Technology, will be organized around the theme “”

Agri Tech Conf 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Agri Tech Conf 2020

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1GM crops
  • Track 1-2Technologies for rapid crop improvement
  • Track 1-3Technologies for rapid crop improvement
  • Track 1-4Genomics technologies for tropical agriculture
  • Track 1-5Genetic engineering
  • Track 1-6Genes and traits of interest for crops
  • Track 2-1 Farming and natural resources
  • Track 2-2 Agricultural practices
  • Track 2-3Rural development
  • Track 3-1Honey bee farming
  • Track 3-2Aquaculture & fishery
  • Track 3-3Intensive livestock farming
  • Track 3-4Genetic engineering in animal farming
  • Track 3-5Livestock production systems
  • Track 4-1Food engineering
  • Track 4-2Food microbiology
  • Track 4-3Food & nutrition
  • Track 5-1Food and nutrition security
  • Track 5-2Sustainable intensification of food production systems
  • Track 5-3Post Harvest Handling and Processing
  • Track 5-4Fermentation Technology and Cereals
  • Track 6-1Aquatic Health and Hygiene
  • Track 6-2Marine Biology
  • Track 6-3Marine Biology
  • Track 6-4Fisheries Biology & Management
  • Track 6-5Aquatic Health and Hygiene
  • Track 7-1Seed technology
  • Track 7-2Forage crop & grass science
  • Track 7-3Crop genetics and breeding
  • Track 7-4Efficient crop production
  • Track 8-1Effects of food additives
  • Track 8-2Food additives and processed foods
  • Track 8-3Safety tests for food additives
  • Track 9-1Microbial inoculant
  • Track 9-2Land and water management
  • Track 9-3Hydroponics
  • Track 9-4Soil physics and advance biophysical techniques
  • Track 10-1Agricultural Economics
  • Track 10-2Crop cultivation systems
  • Track 10-3Agricultural Waste Management
  • Track 10-4Agric Business And Financial Management